Jon Hamm faces the supernatural during the Off Season

Jon Hamm Baby Driver

Actor Jon Hamm and producer Nira Park worked together on this year's release BABY DRIVER, and now they're set to be reunited on the supernatural thriller OFF SEASON.

Written by Jonathan Van Tulleken, who will also be directing, the project is set up at Protagonist Pictures, with J. Miles Dale serving as producer alongside Park.

OFF SEASON will be the feature directorial debut for Van Tulleken, who has directed several shorts and episodes of TV shows over the last thirteen years. The feature is based on a BAFTA-nominated short film the director made in 2009 and is set in 

the harsh, frozen Canadian tundra, where a man goes in search of his elderly father who mysteriously disappears. His feverish search exposes shocking family secrets long buried but not forgotten by vengeful forces at work.

Van Tulleken says he has been thinking obsessively about expanding the OFF SEASON concept into a feature for years... and now he's finally getting his chance.

It is said that OFF SEASON will be telling a really scary story in the midst of a breathtaking landscape. Combine that promise with the casting of Hamm and I'm sold on this one already. 

Extra Tidbit: How does OFF SEASON sound to you?



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