Jon Spaihts' Alien-oriented Prometheus script leaks

Listen, I get it. PROMETHEUS fans really, really love the film and I admire their passion for it. However, I'm one of those dudes who sits firmly in the "this-should-have-been-better" camp. It's fine, we're all still friends, I just wish the film would have been more rooted in the original ALIEN'S mythos. Now I have an excuse to obsess over how the film was initially much more ALIEN-oriented, as a draft of Jon Spaihts' take on PROMETHEUS has leaked to the masses. What's even better is that it's been confirmed by Spaihts himself as the real deal.

How much does the script harken back to the original ALIEN franchise? Well, considering the fact the it's titled ALIEN: ENGINEERS, I'm guessing a lot. Last month, Spaihts came out and discussed the differences between the finished film and his original draft. Based on that report, the elements you'll probably find in this draft that were removed from PROMETHEUS are a chestburster lovemaking scene(NSFW!), facehuggers, David pulling a "Burke" on Shaw (named "Watts" here) successfully, and, of course, those loveable Xenomorphs. For a fanboy such as myself, you could sum that sentence up with "Everything you wanted from PROMETHEUS and then some."

As a guy who lives to read unproduced drafts of my favorite (and sometimes least favorite) flicks, I can't help but feel this PROMETHEUS draft is a real find. You can download your PDF copy of the script here. Anyone who gives it a read should be sure to talk back with your thoughts on the script (and maybe the picture we've included of star Charlize Theron) below.

Extra Tidbit: Someone should collect all of the unused drafts of ALIEN 3, along with concept art, into one book. I'd buy that.



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