Josh Boone shares storyboard for adaptation of Stephen King's The Talisman

The last word we brought you guys on Amblin's upcoming adaptation of Stephen King and Peter Straub's THE TALISMAN was that THE NEW MUTANTS director Josh Boone had been brought in to pen the adaptation's screenplay.

Today we have confirmation that Boone is, in fact, hard at work on the script as he took to Instagram this past weekend and let us know that he is also storyboarding the film as he writes.

You can check out his Instagram post below and then make sure to hit us up and let us know how excited you are for THE TALISMAN hitting the big screen in the comments below or on social media!

THE TALISMAN synopsis:

Based on the best-selling novel, the movie follows a boy, who in order to save his mother from certain death, enters a parallel world known as the Territories in search of a powerful talisman.

While Boone is currently only tapped to be the writer of the film, it wouldn't be surprising if he took on directing duties as well once he finishes on NEW MUTANTS.

We'll let you know when we hear more!

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