Joss Whedon calls The Cabin in the Woods a "very loving hate letter?!"

I've got to admit it. I bought the hype. Who am I kidding? I bought the hype months ago. THE CABIN IN THE WOODS is supposed to blow this genre away and I'm along for the ride. I know for a fact I'm not the only one either considering the thing is one of the most highly anticipated horror flicks ever.

Alright perhaps not ever but it's up there! I practically just got done showing you some new shots from the flick and now the man himself Joss Whedon is speaking a bit about the film. And I bet you didn't expect to hear this...

“It’s basically a very loving hate letter. On some level it was completely a lark, me and Drew [Goddard, director] trying to figure out what the most fun we could have would be. On another level it’s a serious critique of what we love and what we don’t about horror movies.”

To check out the whole interview over at TotalFilm just head right over HERE.

THE CABIN IN THE WOODS, which stars Richard Jenkins, Bradley Whitford, Kristen Connolly, Brian J. White, Amy Acker (below), Fran Kranz, and Jesse Williams, finally hits theaters on April 13th. Friday the 13th? Hell yeah! You know where I'll be.

Extra Tidbit: Joss Whedon also has a supernatural romance heading our way called IN YOUR EYES.
Source: TotalFilm



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