Juan Pablo Raba to play a zombie hunter in I Love Zombies

Juan Pablo Raba Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Juan Pablo Raba has signed on to play a zombie hunter named Lover in I LOVE ZOMBIES, a dark comedy-horror adaptation of the graphic novel by César Oropeza.

Oropeza wrote the screenplay adaptation himself and will be co-directing the film with Henry Rivero. I LOVE ZOMBIES tells a 

dystopian tale of socio-political intrigue with dark humor and action, where a Central Government’s suicide expedition enters into devastated areas in what used to be a big capital city, now infested with cannibal corpses.

Two intertwined stories result from that move, showing a vice-plagued and cruel post-apocalyptic world. The first involves Kid, a young man traumatized by the death of his family at the hands of a horde of walking dead; the other features Lover, a skilled zombie hunter, whose survival techniques go beyond pragmatism to assassination.

I LOVE ZOMBIES is a co-production of MadLove, Alief, and Zentropa Spain. Filming is scheduled to take place in Colombia next year.

Raba's previous credits include playing Joey Gutierrez on the Marvel/ABC series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Gustavo Gaviria on Netflix's Narcos, and Ricky 'Buddha' Ortiz on the History series Six.

I'm not familiar with the graphic novel source material for I LOVE ZOMBIES, but I do like that the writer is co-directing the film, and that he has brought along the graphic novel's illustrator, Marcelo Pont Vergés, to be the film's production designer.

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Source: Variety



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