Judd Nelson busts some balls in new Bad Kids Go To Hell clip!

Due in limited release this weekend is Matthew Spradlin's BAD KIDS GO TO HELL, starring the great John Bender himself, Judd motherf*ckin' Nelson. If that name isn't enough of a draw on its own (and it should be), perhaps this new clip of Nelson giving the business to a bunch of snot nose little punks will help. It sure did for myself!

Also featuring Ben Browder (Farscape, Stargate SG-1, Doctor Who), Ali Faulkner (Bianca in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1), Roger Edwards (Freelancers), Marc Donato (Degrassi: The Next Generation), Cameron Deane Stewart (Pitch Perfect), Augie Duke (The Mentalist), Amanda Alch (When Zachary Beaver Came to Town), Jeffrey Schmidt (Interstate), and Chanel Ryan (BASEketball, below):

Six private school high school kids find themselves stuck in detention on a frightfully dark and stormy Saturday afternoon. During their 8 hour incarceration, each of the six kids fall victim to a horrible "accident" until only one of them remains. As each of these spoiled rich kids bites the dust, the story takes on a series of humorous and frantic twists and turns. Is one of the kids secretly evening the school's social playing field? Or have the ghosts of prestigious Crestview Academy finally come to punish the school's worst (and seemingly untouchable) brats? One thing is for sure...Daddy's money can't save them now.

The flick drops December 7th.

Extra Tidbit: I kept waiting for Nelson to utter "Next time I come in here, I'm crackin' skulls!"
Source: AITH



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