Julia Stiles takes female lead in NBC's "cult" series "Midnight Sun"

What is it with cults these days. I just wrote about a new film called THE OCCULT, and if you've been paying attention the last few months, there seems to be like 48 new TV shows dealing with "cults" in some form or fashion. One of them is NBC's "Midnight Sun," which just nabbed a pretty recognizable name as its female lead...

Deadline has it that Julia Stiles (pictured) has joined Emma Bell and Daniella Pineda for the pilot episode of "Midnight Sun." Stiles will play Leah Kafka, a female FBI cult specialist leading the investigation that uncovers a larger conspiracy.

Place her role in the larger context of the show:

After the mysterious disappearance of Midnight Sun, a group living on a cult-like commune in Alaska, a female FBI cult specialist leading the investigation uncovers a larger conspiracy.

So Stiles is the key cog then, no? Good for her, as she also has five or so movies yet to come out...A-list and indie. She's also no stranger to TV, coming off a sizeable stint on "Dexter" last season. Hopefully she's treated with adroit writing...as these shows often live and die by the quality of the scripts. Know what I mean...

Extra Tidbit: Stiles next appears in Todd Berger's comedy IT'S A DISASTER.
Source: Deadline



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