Julian Richards prepping sequel to 2003 British thriller The Last Horror Movie

You a fan of the 2003 British home-invasion thriller THE LAST HORROR MOVIE? Have you even seen it?

Well friends, the flick is getting the sequel treatment from Julian Richards, director and co-writer of the original. The continuation is currently in development, and will be called MURDER ON DEMAND. James Handel is reprising his script duties, as is Max Howarth for the male lead.

The sequel brings philosophizing serial killer Max Parry to the streets of Los Angeles and promises to deliver a quintessentially English view of the value of life in America.

Here's what Richards had to say about the sequel:

"Max has been living in Los Angeles for several years since the release of Last Horror Movie and has made some interesting observations...He has also become obsessed with new technology and now uses social networking sites to select victims and mobile phones to track and record his murders, some of which are already available to view on the internet."

Interesting, if nothing else. Hopefully we hear more in the weeks and months to come.

Extra Tidbit: You pumped for MURDER ON DEMAND or what?
Source: AITH



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