Juno Temple and Janelle Monae enter Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams

Juno Temple

Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams is an anthology series that will consist of ten standalone episodes, each based on a different story written by Dick, the author whose work has served as the basis of such films as BLADE RUNNER, TOTAL RECALL, MINORITY REPORT, A SCANNER DARKLY, and THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU. Since none of the episodes will be connected, that means that each one will require a different cast, and Sony Pictures TV and executive producers Ronald D. Moore, Michael Dinner, and Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston have been landing some impressive names.

Cranston himself will be appearing in an episode, and other confirmed Electric Dreams cast members include Vera Farmiga, Greg Kinnear, Mireille Enos, Steve Buscemi, Timothy Spall, Mel Rodriguez, Jason Mitchell, Glenn Morshower, Sarah Brown, Jack Reynor, Benedict Wong, Geraldine Chaplin, Jack Gore, Rebecca Manley, Anthony Boyle, Rudi Dharmalingam, Tuppence Middleton, Anne Reid, Ann Akin, Hayley Squires, Tom Brooke, Nicole Agada, Marko Leht, Matthew Raymond, Naveed Khan, Justin Butcher, Georgina Campbell, Bekka Bowling, Christopher Staines, and Malik Ibheis.

The latest additions to the cast list are Jay Paulson, David Lyons, recording artist Janelle Monáe (who made the move into acting last year with HIDDEN FIGURES and Best Picture winner MOONLIGHT), and Juno Temple, who has to be one of the most prolific young actresses working today, because she seems to be in everything. They will be starring in the episode called Autofac, directed by Peter Horton (star of CHILDREN OF THE CORN in his acting days) and written by PACIFIC RIM's Travis Beacham. 

The Autofac synopsis: 

Despite society and the world as we know it having collapsed, a massive, automatic product-manufacturing factory continues to operate according to the principles of consumerism – humans consume products to be happy, and in order to consume continuously, they must be denied freedom of choice and free will. When a small band of rebels decide to shut down the factory, they discover they may actually be the perfect consumers after all.

Temple (pictured above) will be playing a rebel named Emily, while Monáe (below) will be Autofac representative Alexis.

Episodes of Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams are being written by Beacham, Dee Rees, Ronald D. Moore, Michael Dinner, Tony Grisoni, Jack Thorne, Matthew Graham, and David Farr. Horton, Rees, Dinner, Grisoni, Farr, and Tom Harper are the directors we know of so far.

Electric Dreams will be airing on Channel 4 in the UK, and will be available for viewing in the US through Amazon Prime.

Janelle Monae

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