Jurassic Park 4 moved to 2015, will be shot in 3D

JURASSIC PARK 4 is back in business, and it now finally has the time to get things right.

After a recent stoppage of work in order to retool the script and give everyone a moment to chill the f*ck out, the film looks like it's revving up again for a more reasonable 2015 release. (It had previously been given the unrealistic June 13, 2014 slot, less than a year after it was originally scheduled to commence production.) Incidentally, director Colin Trevorrow tweeted last week that he was "back at work", so the dinos have indeed been brought back to life.

In addition, ComingSoon.net has learned that the film will be shot in 3D. As it was inevitable anyway that Universal Pictures would release JP4 in the format, it's a relief to learn that they'll be shooting it that way. 

Trevorrow is directing from a script by Amanda Silver & Rick Jaffa and Trevorrow and Derek Connolly. And whoever else has come on board to perform rewrites. 

Source: ComingSoon



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