Justin Dix's Aussie sci-fi horror flick Crawlspace gets scooped by IFC Midnight

Less than a week after laying eyes on a fresh poster, trailer and synopsis for Justin Dix's sci-fi horror flick CRAWLSPACE, the preeminent genre VOD outlet, IFC Midnight, has picked up all North American rights to the flick. No dates were given for the continental release, but the flick will enter native Aussie theaters October 20th. So there's that!

Co-written with Dix by Eddie Baroo and Adam Patrick Foster:

Crawlspace is set beneath the sands of the Australian outback at the secretive 'Pine Gap' research facility. When all contact is lost with the compound a group of elite soldiers goes in looking for answers, and as their search takes them deeper inside the facility they discover that something terrible has escaped. Under attack and with their numbers dwindling, the soldiers must fight their way out as unimaginable terrors stalk them in the darkness.

Peta Sergeant (below), Nicholas Bell, David Whiteley, Amber Clayton and Eddie Baroo all star.

Extra Tidbit: I'm telling you...go watch the 1986 Klaus Kinski movie called CRAWLSPACE. I doubt you'll be disappointed.
Source: Deadline



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