Kaleidoscope acquires Australian horror film Out of the Shadows

Dee McLachlan Out of the Shadows

Dee McLachlan's 2007 indie thriller THE JAMMED was a hit in its native Australia, and the director's latest project, a horror movie called OUT OF THE SHADOWS, is going to have a shot at international success thanks to the sales agency Kaleidoscope Film Distribution, which has acquired the worldwide rights to the film.

Filmed on Australia's East Coast and starring Blake Northfield, Kendal Rae, Jim Robison, Jake Ryan, Goran D. Kleut, and Helmut Bakaitis, OUT OF THE SHADOWS was written by Craig Henry and tells the story of 

a newly-wed detective who moves into his dream home unaware of the building’s dark history. When his pregnant wife claims she is being tormented by a supernatural force, he seeks help from a renegade demonologist.

That sounds like a familiar scenario for the genre, but it's a promising enough set-up. It all comes down to the execution, and hopefully horror fans around the globe won't have long to wait to see how the cast and crew handled the material.

Kaleidoscope will be introducing OUT OF THE SHADOWS to buyers at the Toronto International Film Festival, which begins next Thursday, and will be screening a promo at the American Film Market in November.

Kendal Rae

Kendal Rae

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