Kane Hodder, Brooke Lewis & Brandon Slagle get Room And Board

So, word has it the legendary Kane Hodder has put out an autobiography called “Unmasked – The True Life Story Of The World’s Most Prolific Cinematic Killer” at the beginning of this month. You nab yourself a copy yet?

Don't sweat it if not, simply peruse this HERE website for all your Hodder needs. In the meantime, get ready to learn about a new indie horror film with Hodder called ROOM AND BOARD.

Written and directed by Julia Davis, Scream Queen Brooke Lewis ("Slime City Massacre", “Vamp It Out”), Brandon Slagle (“Area 51 Confidential”, “The Masks That Monsters Wear”), William Katt ("Carrie") and other known stars of the horror genre will round out the cast of this luscious, tongue-in-cheek horror flick, already positioned to become a cult classic. Fans are bracing themselves for a trip to the bloody "Room and Board", where patrons are dying to get in and end up on the menu. "Room and Board” features a colorful family on and off the screen, as most of the cast and crew have previously worked together on some of the most celebrated horror films in history.

Robert Loggia and Tiny "Zeus" Lister is apparently onboard as well, with Robert Forster currently in discussions to join.

ROOM AND BOARD begins filming in Shreveport, Louisiana later this month.

Brooke Lewis

Extra Tidbit: I was fortunate enough to meet Kane Hodder on my first week on the job. A truly fine gent!
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