Karen Fukuhara takes on a supernatural threat in exclusive Stray trailer

Stray Karen Fukuhara Joe Sill

The JoBlo Movie Network is proud to host the EXCLUSIVE official trailer for the upcoming film STRAY on our Movie Trailers YouTube channel. Embedded below, that trailer gives us a look at Karen Fukuhara of SUICIDE SQUAD and Christine Woods, who I know best from her role as Dawn at the hospital in The Walking Dead season 5, making their way through the following story:

An orphaned teenager teams up with the detective investigating her mother’s murder. They soon discover a supernatural force threatening the city and realize the teen possesses hidden powers of her own which might be the key to stopping it.

Fukuhara and Woods' co-stars include Ross Partridge and Miyavi.

The feature directorial debut of Joe Sill, STRAY was written by J.D. Dillard and Alex Theurer, based on a story Dillard crafted with Sill. Dillard is attached to direct a remake of THE FLY, and made a creature feature called SWEETHEART that was shown at this year's Sundance Film Festival.

STRAY hadn't caught my attention before, but it's on my radar now that I have seen the trailer. Although I have no idea what's happening here, I'm interested to see how the story goes.

STRAY will be receiving a theatrical and On Demand release on March 1st.



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