Karl Urban on where he'd like to see a Dredd sequel go

While DREDD had a poor showing at the box-office, the flick has found plenty of success on DVD, giving us hope of a potential sequel and Judge Dredd himself, Karl Urban, would like "nothing more than to be a part of it". In a recent interview with IGN, Urban talked about where he'd like to see the character go if a sequel were to ever happen and how he'd like it to explore the origins of the Judges. Read on to see what he had to say — I think you guys will dig it!

"Look there's many places that I'd like to see that character go. You know, I personally would like to see almost an origin story. To see how that world got the way it got. In Almost Human, there's still an optimism and a hope. We're still striving to be the best of what humanity can be. In the world of Dredd, humanity has given up. There's a dystopian vision of the future. I'd really like to see how it got that way, how the Judges came to be. To me that's interesting. There's a story, a great comic, it's Origins, and that would be the great basis for a movie. Fans are screaming out for a Dark Judges movie. That would be a great one, but you know that's a movie that's going to take a budget. If you want to do that, you want to do it right. It's much easier to go out into the desert and try and search for the origins of the Judges than to introduce Judge Death. Though again, that would be phenomenal."

Honestly, whatever direction they decided to take a DREDD sequel would be fine by me. Just make it happen already! And in case you didn't know, there's an online petition that's looking to get a sequel off the ground. All you have to do is sign that shit and who knows, maybe this thing will actually happen! Click HERE to join the fight!

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Source: IGN



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