Kate Beckinsale says it's 'unlikely' she will return to the Underworld franchise

I've never been a huge fan of the UNDERWORLD franchise. I know... it's vampires versus werewolves with a sexy leather-clad Kate Beckinsale in the middle. What's not to love?! But for some reason they just don't do it for me...

Now it seems I'll have absolutely no reason to catch any future installments. You see the folks over at Collider recently had a chance to chat with the lovely Kate Beckinsale and decided to ask the actress if there was any chance she'd be back as 'Selene' in the UNDERWORLD franchise. Peep Beckinsale's answer:

“I think it’s probably unlikely that I’ll do one but they may do one without me.”

Alright... so what's the point? Truth be told it never really seemed like the actress was interested in doing UNDERWORLD: AWAKENING, nevermind a fifth film.

What do you guys think? If Kate Beckinsale is out does that mean you are too? Spit some bullets below and let us know how you're jiving with this news as we wait to see if an UNDERWORLD 5 gets underway sans Mrs. Beckinsale.

Extra Tidbit: Kate Beckinsale (above) next stars in TOTAL RECALL, which was directed by her husband Len Wiseman and opens tomorrow.
Source: Collider



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