Katharine Isabelle quit horror? May return for Soska Sister's Rabid remake

It was just the other day that we brought you guys an update on the upcoming Soska Sisters remake of David Cronenberg's RABID and today we have some interesting news regarding the remake's casting. 

Turns out the sisters are currently going about the casting of their RABID remake, which is set to begin production very soon, but the girls are being a bit tight-lipped about who they're considering.

Jen Soska on RABID casting:

There is an assortment of Canadian talent in there, and some American talent as well. If you think about the most successful Canadian actresses in their late 20s to early 30s, it’s not a long list, but you’ll find our girls there.

Sylvia Soska adds:

Also, if you stalk me online, and you see me liking or talking to certain celebrities, there’s a very good chance I’m casting them right now [laughs]!

While the knowledge that the remake is casting is interesting, sure, the real bit of info on this topic that gained my interest was when the sisters were asked if they were considering their AMERICAN MARY and SEE NO EVIL 2 actress Katharine Isabelle for a role.

Jen Soska on casting Katharine:

If she wasn’t in consideration, I think the fans would kill us! But that’s up to Katie. She tells me she doesn’t do horror anymore, so the fans have to get on her. I’m outing her! She says she doesn’t want to do it now, she’s done—but she’s so good at it.

Katharine Isabelle quit horror? What in the world? Weak, weak, weak. If you need a refresher, Isabelle was, on top of AMERICAN MARY and SEE NO EVIL 2, in such flicks as DISTURBING BEHAVIOR, The GINGER SNAPS Trilogy, CARRIE (2002), FREDDY VS JASON, and NBC's HANNIBAL.

What do you think of Katharine Isabelle quitting horror? Would you like to see her return in RABID? Make sure to hit us up in the new comments section below or on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram!


Mary Mason (Katharine Isabelle) is lured into a world of freakish surgeries for easy money.

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