Kevin Bacon says Tremors TV series is not dead yet!

One of my fondest memories of the original Kevin Bacon- starring TREMORS flick was while working at Blockbuster, I threw the film on one time, telling my manager at the time that the film was a harmless kid's movie for adults. He wasn't too sure but let me put the flick on anyways.

It was only as the film played that I realized all of my childhood viewings of the film were from a VHS taped off USA, and the actual movie was filled with cursing. My manager kept looking at me and threatening to turn the film off, but I said, don't worry it's not that bad, I promise.

And then THIS scene happened.

Gotta love TREMORS and Kevin Bacon. Speaking of which, a few days ago Mr. Bacon was talking to Digital Spy about his new show I LOVE DICK (...) and dropped a few bits of info on that TREMORS TV SERIES we had been hearing about a while back.

The Kevin Bacon on TREMORS TV:

We're still chipping away at that! I can honestly say it's not dead yet.

Sweet, Footloose! Care to elaborate?

Kevin Bacon-ator on TREMORS TV:

Someone asked me once, 'Are there any characters you've ever played where you'd be interested in revisiting?', and that's really the only one. And I've had a lot of characters. 

The thing is, to me what's interesting about that guy, is that he was doing nothing, working as a handyman. And then because of this extraordinary circumstance, he gets to become a hero! So, what happens after you've become an accidental hero? 25 years later. 

And that's the thing we want to explore in this series.

Very cool. Personally, I'd like to see Bacon return to FRIDAY THE 13TH, but I dream... Anyhow, Bacon was then asked if Earl (Fred Ward) and Burt (Michael Gross) will return:

I don't know, that kinda remains to be seen!

A vague answer, but still appreciated. And, finally, they asked him if he had seen any of the numerous sequels to the original flick.

Kevin Bacon on seeing any TREMORS sequels:

Some of them, I've seen, not everything."

And there you have it, folks! Looks like the TREMORS TV SERIES is still alive and well and still being actively developed. Not only that but Bacon is still ready to roll back into them jeans to play Val again, and there may be a possibility that Fred Ward and Michael Gross will join in on the fun as well.

We will keep you guys up to date on all things TREMORS, including the upcoming sixth film and the TV series. Until then the above mentioned sixth Tremors flick TREMORS 6 is set to hit Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD on January 30, 2018.

Kevin Bacon's middle name is, in fact, "Mack-Daddy".

Extra Tidbit: Which TREMORS sequel is your favorite?
Source: Digital Spy



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