Kevin Bacon wants to star in a Tremors sequel

Fans of horror franchises tend to want to get as many installments of their favorite series as possible. Sometimes our hope for future sequels is just as strong, and in some cases stronger, than our enjoyment of the latest sequel. When a sequel is announced, we want more sequels to be ahead of it, and as soon as a new one ends we start thinking of how the next one might pick up from that ending.

So far we've gotten four TREMORS movies and thirteen episodes of a television series, and I'm still wanting to see more of the Graboids, Shriekers, and Ass Blasters, as well as the characters from the small Nevada town of Perfection. October 6th is the home video release date for TREMORS 5: BLOODLINES, a sequel I'm very happy to be getting after eleven years of the franchise being dormant. I have hope we'll be getting more TREMORS beyond that. Someone else who's hoping for more TREMORS is Kevin Bacon, who starred in the original film twenty-five years ago.

For the last year, Bacon has repeatedly mentioned in the press that his TREMORS character Valentine McKee is one of the few characters he's played that he would like to revisit. He wants to play Val again and find out where he is in his life twenty-five years later. In interviews, including one with author Jonathan Melville for the recently released book SEEKING PERFECTION: THE UNOFFICIAL GUIDE TO TREMORS, Bacon has mentioned that he recently rewatched TREMORS and was pleasantly surprised to find that it holds up as a beautiful looking, good film. That's a nice turn around on the opinion he had of it when heading into production, at which time he was depressed to be making a movie about worms.

Although returning to the series would be a dream project for Bacon, the actor feels that it's not likely to happen, saying

"Universal doesn’t seem to be interested, so it’s moot."

But as an eternally optimistic fan of the franchise, I'm going to hold on to some hope that the studio will realize how awesome the resulting movie could be if they were to pit Kevin Bacon against those worms again. Make it happen, Universal!

TREMORS co-star Finn Carter

Extra Tidbit: Would you like to see Kevin Bacon fight more Graboids?
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