Kevin Jackson and Steven Michael Quezada are also in 3 from Hell

Steven Michael Quezada

Writer/director Rob Zombie announced that filming had begun on his HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES and THE DEVIL'S REJECTS sequel 3 FROM HELL on March 13th, so if this film has a production schedule similar to REJECTS' 30 day shoot the end of filming is probably coming up very soon. But if 3 FROM HELL has a cast as large as REJECTS, Zombie's HALLOWEEN remake, or THE LORDS OF SALEM, we might continue getting casting announcements until the project is well into post.

Zombie has used his social media accounts to reveal the presence of two more actors in the film's already large cast. The latest additions are Kevin Jackson and Steven Michael Quezada (pictured above).

Jackson and Zombie previously worked together on 31, in which Jackson played the character Levon Wally, who had a bad run-in with a killer clown called Sick Head.

This is Quezada's first time working with Zombie. The actor is probably best known for playing Steven Gomez on 33 episodes of Breaking Bad.

Jackson and Quezada join a cast that is confirmed to include Austin Stoker, Dee Wallace, Emilio Rivera, Billy Blair, Jeff Daniel Phillips, David Ury, Tom Papa, Dot-Marie Jones, Pancho Moler, Richard Edson, Richard Riehle, and Clint Howard (as a clown called Mr. Baggy Britches), with Danny Trejo and Daniel Roebuck reprising their roles from THE DEVIL'S REJECTS, and Bill Moseley, Sid Haig, and Sheri Moon Zombie back as CORPSES and REJECTS characters Otis, Captain Spaulding, and Baby.

Their casting hasn't been confirmed yet, but it's worth noting that 3 FROM HELL's IMDb page also credits genre regular Bill Oberst Jr. and Sylvia Jefferies, who was in Zombie's HALLOWEEN II as a stripper called Misty Dawn. They're given some interesting character names on that page: they're said to be playing Tony Commando and Heather Starship Galen.

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