Kevin Smith shares first look at horror anthology Killroy Was Here

It was just last week that we let you guys know that writer-director Kevin Smith was back at work on his upcoming horror anthology KILLROY WAS HERE and that his daughter Harley Quinn Smith had joined the cast.

Today we have your first look at the titular monster/madman from the film via Smith himself over on Instagram. Here is what he had to say about the film thus far.

Kevin Smith on KILLROY WAS HERE:

I’ve been in Florida this week shooting “Killroy Was Here” - a horror anthology along the lines of Creepshow or the @holidays_movie I directed a segment for. We shot the first chapter in June of last year and this week we’ve been filming two more terrifying tales about our scary Sarasota suburban legend. I return in June to finish up the movie with my amazing crew, 70% of which is made up of the talented students from the @ringlingcollege of Art and Design. @live_cougar_bait and the kids in the Production Design class built our padded cell, which acts as Killroy’s home prior to becoming the victim of a monstrous transformation in his origin story (both Killroys are played by imposing huggable bear of a man @justinkucsulain.) Big thanks to David Shapiro and Semkor Productions for bringing me down here to the Sunshine State so I can put people in rubber masks and spill buckets of fake blood while pretending to be John Carpenter!

In his next post he continues:

And that’s a wrap on this chapter of horror anthology #KillroyWasHere! Many thanks to the tremendous cast & crew who did all the actual work while I stood on the side and watched! Big thanks to @mtverbal for writing it with me and to producer @jordanmonsanto for making my job so easy! To all my fellow filmmakers from @ringlingcollege and @digitalcaviar: I can’t wait to come back in June and finish our flick! You all made it fun for this senior citizen to shoot some spooky stuff (like the haunting image above)! Thank you for making some really goofy ideas a goofy reality!

You can check out his Instagram posts below and then make sure to hit us up and let us know how excited you are for the upcoming Kevin Smith horror anthology in the comments below or on social media!

For more info on KILLROY WAS HERE click HERE.

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