Kevin Smith to bring Hell to earth to fight for humankind in Helena Handbag

Kevin Smith may be dabbling back in the horror business yet again, only this time with a slightly more comical slant. And if you thought the idea behind his upcoming TUSK was crazy, then wait until you get a load of what Smith is cooking up now!

Smith is busy writing a new screenplay that will revolve around...

...mankind teaming up with Hell to save existence from extinction at the hands of a Rapturing giant Jesus.

And you thought DOGMA was sacrilegious?

Earlier today Smith posted an update to his Facebook page explaining his desire to do another film based on a popular SModcast segment called The (C)Rapture. Apparently the films title was going to be CHRISTZILLA but Smith has chosen another title: HELENA HANDBASKET (get it?).

In a passion-filled post on his official Facebook page this afternoon Smith explained his desire to do the film, sharing...

The idea is to, once again, take an episode of SModcast and turn it into a movie. It's worked out quite nicely with TUSK (thanks largely to the cast, the crew and the good folks at Demarest and at a24, who'll be releasing the flick this fall), so I wanna see if I can do it again. Granted, this time the plot of the movie concerns mankind teaming up with Hell to save existence from extinction at the hands of a Rapturing giant Jesus - which means the budget has to be LOW, because NOBODY'S gonna wanna make that movie. At all. And I know this going in, so I won't be heartbroken if it never goes beyond the script. But... if the script is funny enough? Who knows? That walrus movie seemed pretty daffy and far-fetched until we were standing on the TUSK set bringing that shit to life four months and change after first making it up in episode 259 of SModcast.

Smith seems to be very proud of TUSK and I know we can't wait to check it out ourselves, but the thought of the RED STATE director attempting to tackle a film about humankind teaming with Hell to take on a rampaging Jesus Christ sounds like it could be a lot of fun. We'll see how far Smith can take this one. Let's hope he can get it in front of cameras eventually!

Extra Tidbit: What do you think of the idea behind HELENA HANDBAG?



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