Kevin Smith unveils the Moose Jaws sales art

Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith has been wanting to play with his old characters for a while now, but his attempts to get CLERKS III and a MALLRATS sequel TV series off the ground have been stymied for various reasons. One of the stars has declined to return for CLERKS III, so that one is likely to never happen, and the Universal-owned MALLRATS follow-up is in a "wait and see" dormancy, so Smith is shifting gears and focusing on a pair of characters that are owned by him and his friend Jason Mewes - the characters they have played in several films, Jay and Silent Bob. There are no rights issues with those guys, and Smith and Mewes are ready and willing to get back into action, so there's nothing to stop Jay and Silent Bob projects from moving forward. The drug dealing duo will be taking the lead in a comedy called JAY AND SILENT BOB REBOOT, and they have also been written into the horror-comedy MOOSE JAWS, the third installment in Smith's "True North Trilogy" that began with TUSK and continued with YOGA HOSERS.

The current plan is for JAY AND SILENT BOB REBOOT to go into production this summer, with MOOSE JAWS following soon after. But first, money needs to be raised for MOOSE JAWS, and something that's helpful when presenting a project to potential investors is sales art.

In a video posted to Facebook, Smith has unveiled the MOOSE JAWS sales art... and it is something to behold. 

Set at a summer camp in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, MOOSE JAWS is simply described as being 

JAWS with a moose.

The sales art takes that description and runs with it. There's no way this art can be used as the film's official poster, because everyone involved would get their asses sued off by Universal. And I'm sure they don't want to be left ass-less. But as sales art, I find it to be brilliant and hilarious.

Modeled closely after JAWS, MOOSE JAWS will have a moose in place of the shark, a camp counselor to be played by Harley Morenstein as the Chief Brody type, Genesis Rodriguez reprising her TUSK role as the Hooper type, and Jay and Silent Bob in place of Quint. Johnny Depp's TUSK and YOGA HOSERS character Guy Lapointe will be back, as will the YOGA HOSERS themselves Harley Quinn Smith and Lily-Rose Depp, and Justin Long as Mr. Tusk.

The unveiling of the MOOSE JAWS sales art can be seen below. The actual reveal happens 7 minutes in.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to CANADA...

Posted by Kevin Smith on Wednesday, May 31, 2017
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