Kick some 8-bit ass in The Raid 2 arcade game

If you'd like to know what it feels like to rearrange someone's face without the hassle of leaving your own home, you're in luck! Gareth Evans' THE RAID 2 has been given the 8-bit treatment in the form of an arcade game that you can play online right now! There is a slight catch, though. The only way the game will work (as of right now) is that you have to open it up with the Google Chrome browser, which is a small price to pay for this badass game.

The arcade game allows THE RAID fans to play as Rama, Hammer Girl, Baseball Bat Man and Prakoso. You've got the power to beat some henchmen to a bloody pulp at your finger tips, so what are you waiting for? And if you need another reason to waste the rest of your day playing an 8-bit arcade game, the player with the highest score will get an Xbox One, so there's that. Play it right HERE.


Following immediately after the events of THE RAID, RAMA (Iko Uwais) is forced to reinvent himself as an undercover cop in order to provide protection for his wife and child. Working for the anti-corruption taskforce led by the one person he can trust, BUNAWAR, he is given a mission to engage himself as an enforcer for a local mob boss, BANGUN. Finding a way in through BANGUN's son UCO, RAMA must hunt for information linking BANGUN with police force corruption. All the while, he harbors a dangerous and personal vendetta for revenge and justice that threatens to consume him- and bring both this mission and the organized crime syndicates crashing down.

Starring in Evans' sequel is Yayan Ruhian, Raiden Integra, Donny Alamsyah, Kazuki Kitamura and Julie Estelle. You can join the fight on April 11th!

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