Killer Kate! poster & trailer are fun for the whole family

Freestyle Digital Media has announced that they have picked up the rights to writer/director Elliot Feld's KILLER KATE! and are planning to release the movie on VOD and in limited theaters this October. Described as "a gripping thriller" that features "strong female leads", Feld's feature debut, KILLER KATE! stars Danielle Burgess, Alexandra Feld, and Tiffany Shepis.

Feld says his film is a "love letter to the early films of John Carpenter" and today we have the movie's poster and trailer for you to check out. The poster is simple but striking and boasts that the film is ironically "Fun for the Whole Family." The red band trailer then shows us just how brutal this tale becomes. I'm in!

Co-written by Daniel Moya, KILLER KATE! centers on 

estranged sisters Kate and Angie, who haven’t spoken since Angie went to college and left Kate to care for their ailing father. In a show of reconciliation, several years after moving out, Angie invites Kate to her bachelorette party held at a remote house booked on a home-sharing app. The women are unaware that by booking this house, they’re walking into a trap set in motion by a disturbed family of amateur killers.

Moya produced the film with Elliot Feld, Alexandra Feld, David Feld, and Jesse Pruett, with Lawrence Feld serving as executive producer. Freestyle Digital Media will release the movie on VOD and in limited theaters October 26th.

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