Korean thriller The Cat finally coming to the U.S. in January

Holy wow, it has been over two years since we last wrote about THE CAT, the supernatural thriller from Korean helmer Seung-wook Byun. Flick stars Park Min-young and Kim Dong-wook and revolves around a haunted feline... or something to that effect. Now we have word that the film will finally hit North American shores when Well Go USA releases it on DVD/Blu-ray on January 28th.

The synopsis:

So-yeon is an animal groomer who works in a pet shop. One day, she gets stuck with a Persian cat named Silky when its owner suddenly dies. From then on, So-yeon is constantly haunted by a bobbed hair girl with green cat-like eyes who turns her life turns into turmoil. The presence of the girl and the sound of Silky’s cries start to close in on her life more and more as a series of mysterious deaths occur around her.

And you thought you had it bad with your cat's hairballs.

No special features have been listed; we don't have a pre-order link yet either. When more info comes in, we'll be sure to slide it over to you with a saucer of milk.

Source: STYD



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