Lake Bell to star in Devil director's The Coup

There's a good chance you've forgotten about DEVIL director John Erick Dowdle's upcoming thriller THE COUP as it has been quite a while since we've reported on it. According to THR a new face has been added to cast as it sees Lake Bell (pictured) jumping aboard the action thriller starring Owen Wilson and Pierce Brosnan. Bell's character, Annie Dwyer, is a woman who is loved by everyone and has a seemingly perfect family life, but wonders sometimes if she should be happier than she is.

Details are still pretty slim on this one but it's definitely worth keeping an eye on because Dowdle showed a lot of skill with DEVIL as he was able to create a very effective thriller in what was essentially a box, so it'll be interesting what he does with his one. Here's what THE COUP is about:

THE COUP follows an American family living in Southeast Asia who get caught in the middle of a violent revolution. They must flee to safety while being hunted by a murderous rebel leader.

Dowdle wrote the script with his brother Drew Dowdle. Production is slated to begin in Thailand on Oct. 31.

Extra Tidbit: Pierce Brosnan is the shit!
Source: THR



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