Lance Henriksen-led It's in the Blood gets release date news and trailer

A couple of weeks after introducing you to the poster for IT'S IN THE BLOOD, starring Lance Henriksen, we're pleased to share the good news that the flick has been acquired for distribution by Gravitas Ventures (North American Video On Demand) and Koan Inc. (North American all non-digital and all rights foreign), and will receive a VOD release later this month!

In addition, we've slapped up the trailer so you can get a bit closer to this creature feature. Looks solid!

One year after a tragic incident tore their family apart, a grieving son (October) and his estranged father (Russell) embark on a journey into the wild to reconcile their past. When a horrifying accident leaves Russell badly injured and strands them in the wild, it is up to October to save them both. However, this wilderness is not what it seems, and as they deteriorate, so does their concept of reality. Horrifying creatures, ghostly apparitions, is it all in their heads, or could the truth be far more terrible? Lance Henriksen stars in this nightmarish descent into the very heart of darkness where more than your guilt can eat you alive.

IT'S IN THE BLOOD will be presented via VOD (ITunes, Amazon and Vudu) on October 26th. To learn more, check out the film's official site.

Extra Tidbit: Why the hell isn't Lance Henriksen in more movies nowadays?



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