Latest teaser video for "The Walking Dead" Season 3 cites a Resurrection

Just yesterday I gave you all a little tease of what's to come with a new clip from "The Walking Dead" Season 3. If you haven't checked that out yet you'll probably want to do so.

Now while the teaser wasn't much, any goods from "The Walking Dead" are always welcome around these parts. And haven't you ever heard the saying 'Less is More?' Well that is indeed the case with that "Walking Dead" clip. Actually it's the case with today's brand new teaser as well!

Coming at us courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter, today's "Walking Dead" video gives us a hint of what's waiting for our lovable gang of survivors when they get to the prison - a Resurrection! Don't believe me? Scope out the video below and let Scott Wilson's 'Hershel Greene' tell you himself.

Andrew Lincoln, Sarah Wayne Callies (below), Laurie Holden, Norman Reedus, Michael Rooker, Steven Yeun, Denai Guerrero, David Morrisey, Scott Wilson and Lauren Cohan will be back battling the undead in no-time when "The Walking Dead" returns to AMC on October 14th.

Extra Tidbit: Sarah Wayne Callies (above) actually voiced 'Debra Morgan' in DEXTER THE GAME.
Source: THR



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