Laura Vandervoort looks f*cked up in new image from Soska Sisters' Rabid

It was just the other day that we shared with you guys your first look at star Laura Vandervoort in the Soska Sisters' upcoming remake of David Cronenberg's RABID. To say the least, the actress was looking pretty stunning - if not a bit sad - in that pic (which you can check out again above), but today things look like they have gotten a lot worse for her in an all-new still from the film.

This new look at the film comes from lead actress Laura Vandervoort herself over on Twitter where she writes,

Another sneak peek at our film #Rabid My character #rose goes through hell and back. She was hard to shake after we wrapped. Cannot wait for you to meet her and her demons.

To me, this new still looks like it takes place towards the beginning of the film, right after the motorcycle crash that kicks the whole mess off. That is if the Soska Sisters are keeping to the original film's storyline and plot details. If not, who knows just how bad things get for poor Vandervoort before, you know, tentacles, or whatever, start growing out of armpits, or, you know, wherever.

You can check out the bruised and bandaged up pic below and then let us know what YOU think!

Vandervoort takes on the role originally played by Marilyn Chambers in the Cronenberg film. Rose is a woman who, 

following a disfiguring accident, receives an untested stem cell treatment that, while it restores her beauty, has dangerous consequences.

RABID is set in "the world of high fashion", and Vandervoort is joined in the cast by Ben Hollingsworth, Mackenzie Gray, Hanneke Talbot, AJ Mendez, and CM Punk. RABID is being produced by Michael Walker, Paul Lalonde, and John Vidette. Scream Factory will distribute the film across multiple platforms in the United States, and A71 Entertainment will distribute in Canada, with 101 Films distributing it in the United Kingdom.

We'll let you know when we hear more!

Extra Tidbit: What's you favorite Soska Sisters flick?
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