Learn about Lovely Molly's "haunted past" in this new 5 minute featurette

So I just saw LOVELY MOLLY this morning, unfortunately a review won't be up for a few more weeks. I'll remain tight-lipped unt il then, but to hold you over, check out a rather lengthy and graphic featurette for the film we have below. You'll learn all about Molly's "haunted past" in what's become a pretty intriguing promo campaign.

Newlyweds Molly (Lodge) and Tim (Lewis) move into Molly's deceased father's house in the countryside. An ex-addict with a deeply troubled past, Molly is strong in her new life of recovery. Unexplained disturbances in the night unnerve the couple, and when her husband goes away for business, Molly is left in a house that holds many painful memories. Her isolation is soon shattered by a malicious presence that unleashes a physical and mental assault.

Gretchen Lodge (below), Johnny Lewis, Alexandra Holden, Ken Arnold, Tony Ellis, Lauren Lakis, Katie Foster and Daniel Ross all appear in the picture.

LOVELY MOLLY comes out May 18th.

Extra Tidbit: You diggin' these promo spots?
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