Learn if you have been chosen with this Dark Skies site

Last week we shared a nifty little infographic promoting Scott Stewart's (PRIEST) upcoming supernatural flick DARK SKIES, and this week the viral marketing continues with a cool website where you can check your 'abduction status', your Terrestrial ID, body scan, location, and see the other info that the aliens have on you.

Visitors to www.YouHaveBeenChosen.org can locate their file, learn of their status and then share that information with their friends while warning others of their impending doom.

DARK SKIES follows a young family living in the suburbs who witness an escalating series of disturbing events involving their family.  As their safe and peaceful home quickly unravels it becomes clear that the family is being targeted by an unimaginably terrifying and deadly force. They must take matters in their own hands to solve the mystery of what is after their family.

The film stars Keri Russell, Josh Hamilton and J.K. Simmons. DARK SKIES is scheduled to open February 22 2013.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be checking out DARK SKIES in theaters or is this one to wait for on DVD/Blu-Ray?



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