Legendary filmmakers Roger Corman and Charles Band unite for a two man show

Jack Nicholson, Viggo Mortensen, Helen Hunt, Robert De Niro-- these are just a handful of stars whose careers were launched by legendary indepedent film producers Roger Corman and Charles Band. Not together, of course-- the pair have long been independently running their own studios, New Horizons and Full Moon, competitively. In 2013 that changes as the pair comes together for a two man show detailing their lifetimes spent producing independent films.

A press release from Full Moon delivers the announcement:

It gives us great pride to announce that Charles Band and Roger Corman have agreed to put on a live two man show early next year in Los Angeles, CA! The two film titans will take the stage to discuss their combined 90 years in the business and exchange unique stories and anecdotes about true independent filmmaking and the discovering and launching of dozens of Hollywood filmmakers and stars. The show will also include rare film clips, exclusive merchandise, and an extended question and answer session with audience members. Last but not least, a video crew will be on hand recording the entire night for a future DVD!

Things are clearly in the early stages, so the show has yet to receive a venue and date. Still, seeing these guys onstage shooting the sh*t about their time in the horror movie trenches is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Visit Full Moon Horror for the full announcement and keep on the lookout for more updates on the show.

Extra Tidbit: Band's PARASITE is a 3D, post apocalyptic creature feature that is also Demi Moore's debut. It's schlockiness must be seen to be believed...



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