Legendary Pictures has dropped the axe on Alex Proyas Paradise Lost?

Looks like Paradise is Lost...for good!

Depending on where you stood on the idea of turning John Milton's classic poem into a movie in the first place - this is either good or bad news...

In a single-sentence article over at Variety (since expanded), it appears Legendary Pictures has put a stop to Alex Prpyas' PARADISE LOST. You know, the flick in which Bradley Cooper was to play Lucifer? Yeah, that shite ain't happening anytime soon.

Details given for the axe dropping on production aren't too outlandish. Problems arose due to an escalating budget and the with creative differences therein. Sounds like the studio saw footage and thought so little of it, would rather protect their name, eat the money already sunk in production, and simply save face with the next outing. All conjecture on my part of course, but something tells me PARADISE LOST won't be resumed at Legendary. If anything, it may go to another studio...one interested in a 3D action film inspired by 17th century paean. A tough sell, no matter how "hot" this Cooper fella is. If the technology isn't there...why bother?

Which reminds me, didn't Cooper also see THE CROW "shut down", only to move on without him? Interesting.

More to come soon, I'm sure.

Extra Tidbit: Benjamin Walker, Casey Affleck, Sam Reid, Djimon Hounsou, Diego Boneta, Callan McAuliffe, Rufus Sewell and Camilla Belle (above) were also set to star in PARADISE LOST.
Source: Variety



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