Legendary Pictures moving forward on dragon slaying spec script Slayer

Come to think of it there aren't a lot of dragon-themed flicks out there. I suppose it's understandable considering how expensive it must be to bring a badass looking dragon to life on film... but come on. Dragons are awesome! And they sell!

With that being said I'd say this new dragon project over at Legendary Pictures is already one to look out for. The project I'm getting at is something called SLAYER and is coming at us courtesy of scribe Martin Helgeland. Peep the rundown for this shite:

Slayer is described as a modern-day story about a young doctor whose estranged father dies and he finds out the old man was a dragon and creature slayer. The doctor must become a slayer too.

Sounds good to me! As long as the dragons are done right I can't see this thing doing wrong. There's no telling when SLAYER will get rolling but we do know Alex Garcia and Alex Hedlund will be overlooking the modern-day dragon tale for Legendary.

So what says you guys? SLAYER sound like it have some potential or do you want to wait until you see more before getting too excited? Spit some bullets below and let us know if you're digging this one. As soon as we hear any other updates on the dragon-slaying tale we'll be right here to tell you about them.

Extra Tidbit: What is your favorite dragon-themed flick?
Source: Heat Vision



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