Legendary Pictures scoops rights to supernatural thriller Reviver

From THE DARK KNIGHT RISES to REVIVER...Legendary sure loves the comeback...

Variety has it that Legendary Pictures has purchased the film rights to Seth Patrick's supernatural thriller novel trilogy REVIVER, the first edition of which is set to be published early next year. No directors or stars have yet been attached to the big-screen adaptation.

Story follows Jonah Miller, one of the world's most gifted revivers, a term for those who can make contact with the dead and bring them back for a short period of time to say goodbye to loved ones or more importantly, to tell the police who killed them. While reviving the victim of a brutal murder, Jonah discovers that a sinister presence is watching from the other side. When he starts to investigate, what he uncovers threatens everything he knows.

Pretty sweet setup, hopefully this Patrick fella, a first-time scribe, gets a crack at the script as well. Always helps retain the tone.

Legendary will produce "Reviver," while Brendan Deneen will exec produce for Macmillan Films. Jillian Zaks and Alex Hedlund will oversee for Legendary.

TDKR's Marion Cotillard

Extra Tidbit: Ever seen a human body get revived?
Source: Variety



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