Is Legendary Pictures bringing Godzilla to Comic-Con?!

This year's Comic-Con is starting to shape up, and after a slow start, it's appearing to be one very well worth your attendance. (Presuming you've already committed to going, that is!)

Legendary Pictures, the production company behind THE DARK KNIGHT RISES and Guillermo del Toro's PACIFIC RIM (which will be at the Con) is apparently showing off some goods from GODZILLA three weeks from now! The scoop comes from Latino Review, and the site seems very confidant in their source.

Here is what LR had to say in their article: Not only is Legendary bringing the Lizard to comic con but get this, I hear the presentation is SICK! I’m not going to get into specific spoiler territory because then what’s the point of attending the panel, but take this one to the bank.

Godzilla will stomp both the audio and video systems within Hall H two weeks from this Saturday!

Obviously, they haven't even begun to shoot the film yet (Gareth Edwards is still attached to direct), so it's anybody's guess as to what Legendary will be showing off. Maybe a pre-viz sequence? Storyboards? A teaser? WHO KNOWS?!

Extra Tidbit: If you had to guess, what do you think Legendary is planning with its (alleged) GODZILLA panel?
Source: Latino Review



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