Leigh Whannell to star in Home Invasion

Leigh Whannell (above) made the news yesterday as it was announced that INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 3 was officially set for an April 3rd, 2015 release. And now, according to THR, the actor-turned-writer who co-created the SAW and INSIDIOUS horror franchises, has joined the cast of HOME INVASION, a thriller being made by Voltage Pictures and Zinc Entertainment, a division of Silver Pictures.

Another home invasion flick? And it's even titled HOME INVASION? Damn, girl. It appears that home invasion films are taking a page out of the found-footage genre as these bastards keep popping up left and right. That being said, I think I prefer found-footage over home invasion at this point simply because they offer up plenty of different scenarios whereas the home invasion genre is always about the same damn thing.

Chandler Riggs, Bella Thorne, Ioan Grufudd and Natalie Martinez are playing a family imprisoned in their own home by intruders, who play a life-and-death game with mysterious rules that become clear as the night unfolds. Unfortnuately, we don't know much about Whannell's role as it is being kept under wraps, although the character has been described as a mysterious guest who arrives at the family's home. I've always been a fan of Whannell's work—in both acting and writing—so I'll definitely be giving this one a shot despite the fact that it's becoming a tired genre—let's just hope this one can offer us something new.

Commercials director Sean Carter is directing the thriller, which has a script by Joseph Dembner. HOME INVASION is being produced by Silver Pictures' Andrew Rona and Alex Heineman, who developed the script, along with Voltage's Nicolas Chartier and Craig Flores. Joel Silver and Steve Richards are exec producing with Michael Fiore.

Extra Tidbit: Are you guys getting sick of the home invasion genre? Is Whannell's involvement enough to hold your interest?
Source: THR



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