Lena Headey will take on The Woman in the Woods

Game of Thrones actress Lena Headey has some solid experience with genre movies, having battled the monsters of THE CAVE, fallen victim to a slasher in LAID TO REST, and endured THE PURGE. Next year, she'll be seen in PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES. Outside of horror, she has gone up against DREDD and played sci-fi/action heroine Sarah Connor in the Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles television series. 

Headey is now set to delve into genre work once again, as she has signed on to star in writer/director Russell Friedenberg's thriller THE WOMAN IN THE WOODS.

Friedenberg's story centers on 

Headey’s character and her husband deciding to separate and going on one last family camping trip in a remote area of the Pacific Northwest to break the news to their young daughter. But an evil presence lurks in the woods – and it soon influences the daughter. Upon their return to Seattle, a police detective investigating a series of missing persons becomes convinced that the daughter is responsible.

That's an intriguing concept. THE EVIL DEAD crossed my mind while reading that description, but I won't expect THE WOMAN IN THE WOODS to have anything similar to Deadites. I'm interested in seeing what its own version of a woods-dwelling evil will be like.

THE WOMAN IN THE WOODS is being financed by Myriad Pictures' Scoundrel Media label, who will also be handling worldwide sales at this week's American Film Market. The film is being produced by Heather Rae.

Friedenberg previously directed WIND WALKERS, which After Dark Films released as one of their 8 Films to Die For last month.

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Source: Variety



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