Leomark Studios to release slasher The Laughing Mask

The Laughing Mask Michael Aguiar

Writer/director Michael Aguiar's slasher movie THE LAUGHING MASK has been in the works for several years, with the first imagery from it having hit the internet back in 2012. Later this month, the movie will finally be making its way out into the world courtesy of Leomark Studios, who have set it for a digital premiere on June 24th.

Starring Sheyenne Rivers, John Hardy, and Gabriel Lee, THE LAUGHING MASK tells the story of 

Jake, a poor schlep who has lost his wife to the “Laughing Mask Killer”. Recently, his daughter has been kidnapped by this same madman. Jake must work with detective Kate O’Malley to track down this elusive man/monster. But the killer is no mere masked madman. Jake enters the lair of The Laughing Mask, where monsters and bloodthirsty creatures reign supreme. Will Jack rescue his daughter and get out alive?

Judging by the trailer, which can be seen below, this movie is going to be one crazy ride. This is definitely one I would like to check out.

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