Leslie Hope to battle The Strain for FX and Guillermo del Toro

The Guillermo del Toro-produced FX pilot "The Strain" has been casting like mad lately, seeing some impressive names joining the project such as Sean Astin, John Hurt, Corey Stoll, Mia Maestro, Kevin Durand, Richard Sammel, Lauren Lee Smith, Jonathan Hyde, Miguel Gomez and, most recently, Robert Maillet. Today we have another name to add to that ever-growing cast list as TVLine is reporting that '24" and "The River" actress Leslie Hope has signed on in what producers are hoping will be a recurring role.

Hope, whose recent TV credits include NBC’s "Revolution" and ABC's "Castle", will play Joan Luss, one of the few survivors of the titular outbreak.

"The Strain" follows Dr. Ephraim Goodweather (Stoll), the head of the Center for Disease Control Canary Team in New York City, as he and his team investigate what appears to be an outbreak of vampirism. They soon need to fight for the fate of humanity itself.

"The Strain" is coming at us from Carlton Cuse ("Lost", "Bates Motel") and Guillermo del Toro (the HELLBOY films, PACIFIC RIM), with del Toro helming the pilot episode.

Extra Tidbit: Are you stoked to check out "The Strain" when it comes to FX?
Source: TVLine



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