Lionsgate is supposedly working on Saw 8; do you care?

Take this news with a big grain of salt. If it can indeed be considered news.

Bloody Disgusting is reporting that Lionsgate is actively developing SAW VIII, although the site admits that there is "nothing official on paper, nor a direction set in stone." The site's sources are evidently solid, but there is nothing to be gleaned from the news item other than the studio is "incredibly active" in resurrecting the series, which went out with a whimper three years ago with SAW: THE FINAL CHAPTER.

The site notes that this new film will indeed be SAW VIII, not a reboot or remake. There are two sides to that coin: A remake at this point would be crazy; the first SAW isn't even ten years old yet. But how much more can possibly be done with the existing storyline? Is anyone really anxious for the saga of "Detective Hoffman" to continue?

Lionsgate has supposedly been seeking out the right angle for a new SAW for a couple of years, so this report - if true - is not a shock. Would any of us be surprised to discover the studio wants to bring back its low-risk/high-reward cash cow? Even the seventh entry grossed over $130 million worldwide...

We'll see if this rumor has weight in the coming months.

SAW series hottie Betsy Russell

Extra Tidbit: So let us know: if another SAW flick is indeed coming, do you even care?



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