Lionsgate to remake Cube with Prometheus writer Jon Spaihts


Here’s one you might be scratching your head over. Right on the heels of the recent announcement that THE ENTITY and DON’T LOOK NOW are getting the remake treatment, is word out of THR that the 1997 cult sci-fi film CUBE is getting remade by Lionsgate. Oh, okay. Behind it all is Roy Lee and PROMETHEUS co-writer Jon Spaihts, who are on board to produce the re-imagining.

Up-and-comer Saman Kesh, who got noticed with his short film CONTROLLER, is attached to direct the film, which is titled CUBED. It will use the original setup of seven strangers trapped in a giant cube-like structure and is being described as a sci-fi survival thriller about artificial intelligence, humanity and the birth of a new "digital" race.

Phil Gawthorne is writing the script based off of Kesh’s original take with Adam Stone is overseeing the project for Vertigo. That’s all we have for now, but if you want to see what Kesh is made of, you can watch his short film below.

Extra Tidbit: Are you at all surprised by CUBE getting remade?
Source: THR



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