Arrow says! 8 reasons why I want a RoboCop sequel!

Although the RoboCop reboot underperformed in North America ($43,600,000), it has nabbed $143,600,000 in terms of worldwide box office so far, making its $100,000,000 budget back, plus a profit. And I expect it to be a hit when it surfaces on VOD, Netflix and Blu-Ray. All that to say there is hope for a RoboCop sequel and after seeing the film again recently (I brought my friend's kid, he loved the shit out of it), I for one am excited about the prospect! I know I am in the minority but I enjoyed the reboot! It's not perfect by any means and can't lick the original's metal feet, but there was enough potential there to deliver what SHOULD BE a badass sequel IMO. So on that, here are 8 reasons WHY I want a RoboCop sequel!

1- I love the character and want more!

The 1987 RoboCop f-ing owns, it's one of my fav movies of all time, but the 2014 was fun in its own rights and the character still shined! Whether he was in the retro like suit or the sleek black tactical outfit, RoboCop was a cool character and yes I want to see him whoop more of that ass! I grew up with Robo and he eventually dulled out via the sequels, the TV Show and the cartoon. This reboot has given him a new Robo-lease on life! Kids should have a RoboCop to root for at the movies and so do kids at heart like this a-hole right here! SO GIVE ME THAT SEQUEL! PS: I know it won't happen but... Rated R please? Blood splats would be nice... and kids dig those too! TRUST ME!

2- The origin is out of the way! It can tell a fresh story!

With the origin story now out of the way, a sequel can focus on giving us a fully original story and more bang for our bucks! I enjoyed lots of the original ideas this reboot had, like its use of the ED-209 (s)! One thing that hurt this re-do IMO was that fans went in, ready, willing and able to compare it to the 1987 original. It never had a chance! But a sequel would be able to fully be perceived as its own entity and I'm all for that!

3- The sequel can learn from the mistakes of the reboot!

The reboot went about its business in an odd way. It took the PG-13 route to bring in the kids, but yet spent a lot of time blabbing and not enough time popping bullets and blowing shit up. Funnily enough the 1987 original did the polar opposite - way more action - less yapping and it was Rated R. A sequel can do these wrongs right - set its story up, then drive it forward via the amount of action a RoboCop movie should have! NOTE: Add some missiles to Robo's motorcycle. That is all.

4- They can give us a real villain!

Robocop 2014 biggest drawback was the lack of a REAL villain. Sure Michael Keaton made for a great corporate scum-bag and Jackie Earle Haley was a decent a-hole as Maddox, but I mean a bad guy in the veins of Clarence Boddicker! And no, that euro trash, Vidal Sassoon drug dealer Vallon wasn't it. A sequel can give us a truly memorable bad guy, one we love to hate! "Guns, guns, guns!"

6- Joel Kinnaman onwed as RoboCop!

Joel Kinnaman was a tad off as Alex Murphy early on but once he became Alex Murphy as RoboCop, I thought he did a fantastic job! He brought intensity, menace and pathos to the role and was ideal as the 5.0. Cyborg who struggled with his identity! I want to see him have another go at it!

8- It can't be worse than RoboCop 3 & the TV Show!

Everybody bitched and moaned about this reboot, saying it was pissing on Verhoeven's 1987 classic. Well for me the 1993 RoboCop 3 and that shitty RoboCop: The Series (1994-95) had already done that in spades. It was one of the reasons I didn't mind the reboot. So yeah I have a hard time believing that a RoboCop reboot sequel can crush me as much as those two turds did back in the day. NOTE: I have a fondness for Irvin Kershner's RoboCop 2 (1990). Sue me!

5- With RoboCop being so agile, the action can only go further!

One thing I dug about this remake was that RoboCop was quick and agile hence opening up the opportunities for insane action set pieces. We got a taste of it in this reboot, just a taste, now give me the full meal in a sequel!!!

7- Samuel Jackson and Gary Oldman were the tits!

I really enjoyed Samuel Jackson's funny performance as the Fox news like anchor "Pat" Novak, the fly host of The Novak Element. And Gary Oldman was mucho affable and engaging as the Dr. Frankenstein like creator of RoboCop. So yeah and I want to see them do their schtick again in a follow up!
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