The Arrow's Top 8 Genre Summer Movies

Horror movies in the summer are usually not the norm. So much so, that when I had to compile a TOP 8 SUMMER 2012 HORROR MOVIE LIST, I couldn’t even come up with 8 of them… so yup, some of the titles that you'll find here are non horror related. With that drilled in your forehead, here are the 8 FILMS that cranked my DIAL to f*ck yeah the most this SUMMER (from May 2012 to August 2012). Do with them what you will. And what were your top genre picks of the summer? Let us know below via our comment section. NOTE: October should be all about horror movies on the big screen; sadly Mr. Studio thinks all we want is another Paranormal Activity movie...sigh...I miss the good old days...

(3) The Loved Ones

A teen movie on 6 tabs of acid and 9 hits of E! THE LOVED ONES was a groovy surprise! What could've been a pedestrian kidnap and torture opus wound up being a deep, genuine, gleefully frenzy, bleakly funny, sexually charged and heart pounding show. The superior writing, acting (props to the whole cast; yall really nailed it) and directing made sure of that! Granted although kind of amusing; that “dude takes train wreck chick out” subplot was somewhat pointless beyond acting as a cut-away but what can ya do. At least that boo-boo didn't change the fact that this movie was all kinds of “ownage” and that the Lola character should be accepted in the genre's icon fold with open arms and zipped down zipper. Bang this broad and let her bleed all over ya!

(1) Prometheus

This flick will divide people. Love or hate! And for me that's a sign of "something" that at least shot higher than the norm. For me PROMETHEUS was a worthwhile companion piece to ALIEN (I can't watch the latter the same way now) and on its own it was a striving and old school Sci-Fi flick that destroyed my spot. It was technically flawless, visually magnificent, had a stand out cast, sported an existential streak that I dug, eeriness galore, some tension laced bits, emotionally gripping moments and a handful of powerful horror uppercuts that had me squirming in my seat like a schoolgirl getting the spike laced paddle. Oh and the 3D only added more loving to my experience. Granted, it could have had better drawn out SIDE characters and shame on it for that plot hole and not ducking the dumb peeps moves to serve the story... but hey, what can ya do. With that, its faults didn't tarnish the incredible experience that was living it. I felt AWE man, I don't get that often in theaters. And after my second viewing, I understood the motivations of some of the characters. I had missed so much on that first watch, Subtle bitch this movie. Yup! It’s still my favorite of the franchise after ALIEN and ALIENS. PROMETHEUS 2 por favor!?! I got questions that need answers! Rock!

(2) The Dark Knight Rises

It put the word epic in EPIC! It might be the installment that is more likely to divide peeps, hey that's fine. To me, it was a beyond fitting cap-off to a stand out trilogy. A well written, skilfully shot, thought provoking and magnificently acted piece of cinema. And that’s what Nolan has given me with his trilogy; CINEMA. Films that managed to do it all at once and very well at that. Layered character studies, with relevant themes while wowing me with aces visual effects, extravagant imagery and genius action scenes. Granted, I saw one twist coming miles away, we got some explicitly expositional dialogue, some turns were rushed (in the name of pacing) and there was some convenient coincidences to serve the plot, but I was EASILY able to let them boo-boos go, entranced and moved by the brilliant filmmaking before me. Thank you Christopher Nolan, Christian Bale and company for the AMAZING ride this has been! Can’t wait to see THE DARK KNIGHT RISES again!

(4) Killer Joe

A balls to the wall, no bull, remorselessly violent and sexually charged ride that simply did not give a f*ck! And I respected it for it. Filled with razor dialogue, outstanding performances (Gershon, McConaughey and Temple stood out for me) and fly visuals, I couldn't get enough! Yeah I was a tad let down by the ending in the sense that it didn't fully wrap up its storyline and left me dangling with its open-ended final frames – but hey I'll always have that chicken leg scene to hold close to my heart, so at least it left me on a finger licking good note. You miss the days when the US of A made movies with edge? KILLER JOE is for you!

(5) The Expendables 2

Real action lives again! The Expendables 2 won’t win any screenwriting Awards but it gave me exactly what I wanted from it. All of my favorite action heroes in one movie, all kinds of sick action, some nifty fights, mucho explosions, laughs galore, some gore and a body count that put the C in “count”. Everybody was on top of their game, Lundgren was hilarious, Adkins was the shit but Van Damme undeniably stole the show as Vilain. The man still has it! Hopefully Hollywood will wake up and give him another big budget shot! In short; if you’re going in The Expendables 2 to witness jaw dropping and epic action scenes, crazy stunts, nameless baddies getting their heads blown off and all kinds of comic banter, you’ll be well served here! I am seeing it again this weekend! I wanna give it my money! Lock and load!

(6) The Tall Man

This film was like somebody selling me a Big Mac, but after three healthy bites out of it, I realized that it was truly a high end Sirloin steak I was chewing on. Cleverly written, clip paced, morbidly gorgeous, with some tension, countless back-handing plot turns, a tour de force performance by Jessica Biel and an ending that KO-ed me; THE TALL MAN started my day on the right stab! Yes the first 15 minutes felt off (to me anyway), it reeked of all Canadian (when it was trying to pull off small town Americana) and more suspense would have been swell; but on the whole; I was taken for quite the thought provoking ride and was sent to the mat as the end credits rolled. Am curious to see how it will play out with audiences when released, could go either way, it's a ballsy movie, it took lots of chances and it won't be for everybody. But hey, I loved it, all that matters in my bubble of a world! Hope yall do too!

(7) The Awakening

A gripping old school ghost story that favored layered characterization, gripping drama, an oppressive mood and a tantalizing mystery over gore and cheap boo scares. The flick also put out some novel ideas and a couple of twists that hit hard. Rebecca Hall was a revelation here for me; what a strong actress and yes she's absolutely gorgeous on top of that. I will now keep tabs on her career. And you can never go wrong with Dominic West in the house! Mofo owns! Too bad that the last act was a bit clumsy in how it conveyed its information and that the final frames gave me little closure. But hey that's just me talking, maybe you will feel differently. You in the mood for a brooding character driven drama peppered with an appealing mystery and ghostly shenanigans? Check out The Awakening! Worth the trip, till the ending tells ya to go f*ck yourself.

(8) The Possession

If go by the early reviews out there, I am in the minority here, but hey, all good. I got some sturdy kicks out of THE POSSESSION. Its retro approach to its visuals, its stellar score, powerful sound design and its top notch cast (Jeffrey Dean Morgan owned it and Natasha Calis was a revelation) had me firmly in its claws. Moreover, I was emotionally invested in the characters, the drama on hand stirred me and the slew of supernatural shenanigans undeniably gave me the willies. This one had me sitting up a couple of times in anticipation, and that’s always a great feeling to get during a horror film. I would say it’s more creepy than scary though. I could’ve had gone without those scenes being cut short too abruptly, had one moment where I had to suspend disbelief and the finale was on and off in terms of tone (scary then kind of funny, rinse and repeat) but on the whole I had a blast with THE POSSESSION and am looking forward in seeing /owning the uncut Blu-Ray.

THE WORST OF THE SUMMER: Chernobyl Diaries

When I came out of the theater it was 1 .5 on 4, but the more I thought about it, the more mad I got. I freaking got jipped! Yup CHERNOBYL DIARIES was an insult to my grey matter and wallet! It reeked of f*ck quality, "lets do it cheap", slum it, toss in the cliches, promote it right and cash in! It so tried to have its shaved twat and eat it too! It acted like a found footage movie with the "folks running" padding and the "shake the camera" fast instead of showing gore/fights; but... IT WASN'T A FOUND FOOTAGE MOVIE! So the f*ck you doing man?!!! The result was a product that came off as a SHAM, a joke and my money was the punchline. The fact that it was unoriginal, routine, dumb as Hilton, not scary with all kinds of lapses in logic didn't help either. There was maybe 20 minutes of a good movie in here and the rest made sure to spit on that and on me! I hope it tanks! TANK YA F*CK! Then maybe the countless SOLID horror scripts that are floating around Hollywood will get their chance! Watch THE RUINS in the comfort of your own homes instead!
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