The Arrow's Top 10 Horror/Sci-Fi/Thrillers of 2014!

Hola Hola! The end of the year is near and that means Top 10 lists up the wazoo on Arrow in the Head! Now, one thing that I noticed in 2014 is that a lot of the better genre films took the VOD highway and for some reason the films that I considered to be garbage, got wide releases and to add insult to injury made lots of money (i.e. my two worse films of 2014 on this list). Being that I mostly cover theatrical releases, I didn't review all of the VOD titles (stay tuned for Eric Walkuski’s Top 10 of 2014, he has reviewed more of those than I did). With that it was a fine year for Horror, Sci-Fi and Thrillers (yes all genres that AITH covers) for yours truly.

As I was putting together this list, I realized that I saw lots of solid movies, but not all of them were memorable; meaning that they didn’t stay with me long afterward and I wouldn’t go out of my way to see them again now. RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES is an ideal example of that. I loved it when I saw it, but nope, it didnt make the list. After much mulling and "Baileys Irish Cream" laced coffee guzzling; here’s what I came up with! Disagree with me? All good. This is my Top 10, not yours! You can share you own ten favorite genre films of the year via the comment section below! I showed you mine, show me yours!

2- Noah

I didn't review NOAH on Arrow in the Head, as I didn't think it fit with the site's M.O. Looking back that was a mistake. We cover films like Mad Max and Book of Eli, and Noah was in the same vein. And be it that it is one of my favorite films of the year, I had to include it here. Leave it to director Darren Aranofski to take the famous Biblical tale and turn it into a pseudo Post Apocalyptic (yup in my book, the film takes place in the future) dramatic thriller. The flick sported heart, addressed the "evil that men do" theme with gusto, went to very dark places, had an environmental streak I dug and tackled how "the creator" works in such mysterious ways that he may drive you mad. All of them goods were wrapped up in bold and striking visuals (all about the creation scene) and yet another stirring score by Clint Mansell. Tag to that a jacked up Russell Crowe (with an epic beard) on top of his acting game and you get a keeper! LOVED THIS FILM!

3- The Guest

THE GUEST made my day! It was akin to the films I grew up with. It gunned out a sweet concoction of stellar cast, compelling storyline, intriguing mystery, 80's music/score, bleak yuk-yuks and potent moments of extreme violence! If this movie doesn't make Dan Stevens a star, I don't know what will!

4- Gone Girl

GONE GIRL was a film that I enjoyed on so many levels! It was a mind-numbing mystery, a shady character study, a biting social commentary (on the press, on marriage when the chips are down and the sheep mentality) and a twisted dark comedy. It sported a stand-out cast (Rosemund Pike blew me away) from its two leads to all of the side players, an edgy score by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross and once again Fincher’s visual style carried much impact and served the story well.

1- Interstellar

INTERSTELLAR owned me! Simple as that. It affected me emotionally, made me think, killed me with tension and gave me quite the spectacle on a visual standpoint. The flick had a terrific cast with Matthew McConaughey carrying this bad boy like the champ that he is, Hans Zimmer’s score was simply sublime and the special effects were stellar! Movies like INTERSTALLAR are one of the reasons why I love going to the cinema! As much as I like being entertained on some occasion, I also like to be challenged and big screen wowed in others and this flick did just that!

5- The Babadook

THE BABADOOK was definitely the scariest horror film I have seen this year. I can’t remember the last time a film made me feel so anxious to then whoop me stupid with a horrific apparition/turn of event. The flick was aces as a drama, punched hard as a horror film, sported a skillful visual style, was high on tension and gunned out outstanding performances.

10- Wolf Creek 2

The crimanally overlooked WOLF CREEK 2 gave me all of the horror/action meat and toppings and in spades at that! An engaging story, crazy action scenes, tension laced chases, grisly and cruel kills, a breath neck pace, endearing performances, razor dialogue and striking imagery! Man the Australians know how to do it right!

7- Deliver Us from Evil

It’s THE EXORCIST meets SEVEN! DELIVER US FROM EVIL (based on the life of true life demon whooping badass Ralph Sarchie) pretty much had all of its bases covered. It sported two strong leads with great chemistry in Bana and Ramirez, a gripping story that moved forward at an even pace, powerful dramatic/action/horror scenes, a stylish directing style from Scott Derrickson, bleak mood galore, some nifty ideas and a sound design/score that upped the film’s creepy factor 10 fold.

6- Under the Skin

Now that I think of it, UNDER THE SKIN's basic storyline was a simple one but it went about communicating its tale in such a vague, symbolic and poetic fashion that it came off as novel. Armed with gorgeous photography, a brave, menacing, moving and sensual performance by Scarlett Johansson, a knack at not shying away from out of line scenarios while making a comment on the human condition; UNDER THE SKIN was something else!

9- Honeymoon

HONEYMOON was a well paced, suspenseful, creepy and brilliantly acted little slow burn horror film, one that was much smarter than the norm. It was expertly directed, eerie, unsettling in parts and sported two lead actors who sold the going ons and held the whole thing together like Super Glue.


PREDESTINATION stands tall and proud next to Looper as one of the more rewarding recent time travel movies! The film was well written, dramatically charged, brilliantly acted, sported all kinds of crazy concepts and was visually striking to boot! In my useless opinion this was The Spierig Brothers best film to date!

WORSE FILM OF 2014 #1: Ouija

I could’ve have forgiven OUIJA’s connect the dots plot, its stick figures characters, its inane moves and the lack of tension if it just wasn’t so damn BORING! If Ouija was food, it would be a cup of Ramen Noodles. i.e. CRAP! Of course it made ALL KINDS of coin! The world makes no sense to me...

WORSE FILM OF 2014 #2: Annabelle

ANNABELLE was exactly what I feared it would be. A dumb, repetitive, and derivative product made for mass consumption. It was too transparent and relied way too much on inane actions and convenient events/side characters to move its flimsy story forward. Hard to get scared when you don't buy into the story or truly care what happens.
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