Top 10 Horror Celebs to Follow on Instagram!

Straight up, who’s your favorite celebrity follow on Instagram? Better yet, what IG horror icon do you keep the closest daily tabs on? Fill us in below!

Because, frankly, the question isn’t so simple. It turns out the all time biggest names in horror – the Kings and Carpenters, Burtons and Englunds – aren’t very active on the popular pictorial platform. And if they are, they’re usually selling their wares or posting way too many damn doggie photos. To be honest, it’s kind of a bummer. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t still a number of worthy ass horror celebs to keep an eye on via IG. Some old, some new, some well known A-lists and lesser known B-movie badasses, some in front of the camera, and some behind. Enough bullsh*tting, check our Top 10 favorite Horror Celebs to follow in Instagram below!


Since making her screen debut in TROMEO AND JULIET back in 1996, the great Tiffany Shepis has logged damn near 140 screen credits, most to all of which belong to the horror/thriller genre. She’s a talented and extremely underrated horror actress that deserves to be honored as one of the most prolific scream queens of her generation. Her IG account is chock full of all sorts of cool and macabre content, from behind the scenes photos, family Halloween pics, fan interactions at horror conventions, and this one above, taking place at an 80s campout BBQ, which sounds as killer as it looks!


Mister HITCHER himself, Eric Red, is quite active on IG. One quick glance will alert you to the fact that Red, who hasn’t directed a film since 2008’s 100 FEET (starring our own John The Arrow Fallon, with a cameo from our own Eric Walkuski), is taking a break from his vociferous novel writing to helm a new bigfoot flick called NO MAN’S RIDGE. Talk about badass! On his feed, you’ll find all kinds of cool material, from old set photos, new behind the scenes peeks, warm family portraits, Halloween corn mazes with his dogs Eggnog and Cider, and albums of chilly wintertime surroundings.


Yup, when your official IG handle is “horrorgal,” you best believe we’re keeping an extra close eye on one of AITH all time favorite scream queens, the lovely Danielle Harris. We all fell in love with her as the adorable Jamie in HALLOWEEN 4 & 5, but I personally have an affinity for her turns in THE LAST BOY SCOUT and DON’T TELL MOM THE BABYSITTER’S DEAD as well. Harris, who you’ll see is a proud new(ish) mama, has also become an accomplished horror director over the past decade (PRANK, AMONG FRIENDS). As for her acting, we can look forward to two new flicks she’s completed: CAMP COLD BROOK, and COME, SAID THE NIGHT.


While he may not have been a household name just a few years ago (horror fans notwithstanding), the fact that makeup/FX maestro Greg Nicotero has evolved into the showrunner for AMC’s zombie hit The Walking Dead, cements his status as a bona fide horror icon. And frankly, you’re not likely find a better IG follow if you’re a hardcore horror head. Not only does Nicotero provide updated TWD info and pictorial teases, he also goes into the vault to gift us with his rich body of work that dates back to his first credits in 1985: DAY OF THE DEAD and TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE. Too cool! Nicotero even features imagery with contemporaries not on IG, a la Tom Savini.


Man, I’m still pissed Doug Jones – an absolute horror movie treasure – wasn’t nominated for an Oscar for his superb silent performance in THE SHAPE OF WATER last year. Super pissed! But true fans of horror movies know what an absolute gift this guy has been since making his screen debut in the 1988 movie NEWLYDEADS, thanklessly and often invisibly playing monsters in masks and makeup that disallow for such facial recognition. This guy f*cking rocks, and so does his curated IG content. He gives us glimpses into his working relationship with Guillermo del Toro (who is not on IG), as well as a variety of cool throwback photos and rarely seen images from his some 160 odd credits!


SAW this one coming, did you? INSIDIOUS to leave him out? Okay then, James Wan, the Malaysian-born Aussie who has turned himself from an indie horror filmmaker to an absolute Hollywood titan in just a short decade, also has a pretty kickass Instagram account to keep bookmarked. Granted, dude’s in full AQUAMAN promo mode right now, but if scroll down on his page, you’ll find all kinds of cool curios and never before seen production stills. He’s also got his own fandom on display, be it in a creepy ass Halloween Horror Nights image, Pirates of the Caribbean rides, Jaws tours at Universal studios, etc. Wan feels like that fellow horror everyman who happened to realize his dreams and make it big!


Who knew CANDYMAN was such an IG addict? Seriously Tony Todd’s more tech savvy than the geeky goofs who bought IG in the first place. What’s great about Tony’s IG feed is that, in addition to a wide variety of cool horror posts, he really gives his fans a peek into his personal life with nights on the town, culinary cues, family outings, fan interactions, horror cons, Halloween galas, and of course, many items of macabre memorabilia. I personally love this shot above of Tony giving Leprechaun a savage gut-punch, paving the way for what could be an all time cinematic horror villain showdown: CANDYMAN vs. LEPRECHAUN. I’d watch that shite all day, you?!


Damn, this image so f*cking cool! Jamie Lee Curtis, the all time legendary scream queen, is taking a selfie in front of Bates Motel, which of course starred her equally iconic mother, Janet Leigh. I’d imagine this is exactly the kind of thing IG is made for! Indeed, while Curtis has a certain political flair pinned to her IG account, there’s little doubt of how proud she’s become of her all time horror genre apotheosis. We’re talking not just Hollywood royalty, but horror loyalty, as evidenced in the superb reprisal of Laurie Strode this past HALLOWEEN. And while we can also cite PROM NIGHT, TERROR TRAIN and ROAD GAMES among her sterling CV, let’s remember how f*cking funny Jamie Lee is (A FISH CALLED WANDA), a la her role as Dean Munsch in the Fox series Scream Queens!


With nearly 1,500 posts and a quarter million followers, Eli Roth is arguable the #1 horror follow on all of IG. Dude’s crushing the social media game. What we’ve always loved about Roth is that, no matter how big and famous he’s become over the years, he always comes off as a genuine fan or horror first and foremost, putting him in a position as a peer rather than untouchable Hollywood personality. One peek at his IG will corroborate such, just as his awesome AMC show “History of Horror” does. While we personally love this set photo of Roth filming the parade massacre sequence in his beloved short film THANKSGIVING, you’ll find all kinds of dope in his feed, from Stephen King, Michael Jackson, Bruce Willis, Tobe Hooper, and a whole lot of killer BTS imagery!


3200 posts. 1.2 million followers. Yup, by sheer numbers alone, Rob Zombie has earned himself the coveted top spot. He is our number one IG follow, and with damn good reason beyond the mere math. Remember, this dude is a surefire rock-star, first and foremost, who later turned his authentic horror fandom into a very impressive filmmaking second act. The appeal is twofold. His IG not only features wild concert footage and badass death metal rock’n’rolla, but the horror material is just as nasty and gnarly. Be they set photos, behind the scenes looks, homemade Halloween haunts and bizarre blasts from the past, damn near every single Rob Zombie post has something sinister and macabre at its center (including the Jack'o'lantern header atop this article!)

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