"Lost" alumn Jack Bender set to helm thriller Devolution for Legendary

Don't you just hate it when news breaks on an intriguing new project but the plot is 'being kept under wraps?' I know I do. I mean... it's a double edged sword I suppose. I do enjoy walking into a flick without knowing much about it but on the other hand it's hard to tell if a project will fit in around AITH without a rundown.

Then again when said project comes from a guy that directed several "Lost" episodes and the dude that penned WORLD WAR Z... well then I think we might have something worth talking about. What am I getting at? The new thriller heading our way from Legendary called DEVOLUTION.

According to The Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision blog long-time "Lost" director Jack Bender has been tapped to helm DEVOLUTION, which is based on an idea from WORLD WAR Z author Max Brooks. Now that is one hell of an intriguing duo, no? "Walking Dead" scribe David Leslie Johnson will be adapting Brooks' idea into a screenplay.

Now while we don't have an actual rundown for DEVOLUTION we are promised that the 'pedigree is all genre.' So I suppose that's comforting to know.

That's all we've got on DEVOLUTION right now but you can bet as soon as more news from this one spills our way we'll be right here to tell you about it.

"Lost's" Evangeline Lilly
Extra Tidbit: Jack Bender's first non-TV feature directorial effort was 1991's CHILD'S PLAY 3.
Source: THR



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