Louis Leterrier & Lorenzo di Bonaventura shopping around low-budget contained sci-fi flick

So today Variety has a new project coming at us via scribe Nic Kelman, director Louis Leterrier and producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura. That's cool and all, but the only problem is not only is this project untitled... but we really aren't given any details!

But that's not going to stop us from reporting on it! It seems Leterrier and company are currently shopping around the script for a low-budget contained sci-fi flick. Now Paramount will have first look at the property courtesy of the studio's first-look deal with Di Bonaventura Pictures. The studio is yet to make any offers but that's expected to change soon with other studios actively interested in the property.

Leterrier is of course the dude that brought us CLASH OF THE TITANS and THE INCREDIBLE HULK while Di Bonaventura has had his name stapled on shite like the TRANSFORMERS and G.I. JOE franchises. Leterrier (above) actually next has the sci-fi flick G all lined up at Universal. Kelman on the other hand is the lesser known of the trio, but not for lack of trying. The scribe is best known for his sci-fi spec script GENNERIS and has recently been tapped to adapt the graphic novel RAMAYAN 3392 AD for Mandalay Pictures.

So what do you guys think? You down for a contained sci-fi flick from these three or are you going to wait until we get more details? Spit some bullets below and let us know as we wait for more on this untitled sci-fi romp.

Extra Tidbit: Louis Leterrier's directorial debut was 2002's THE TRANSPORTER, which starred Jason Stathem and Qi Shu (above).
Source: Variety



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