Louis Morneau tapped to direct Universal's Wolfman pseudo-reboot Werewolf

As Eric told you last month, Universal are currently preparing a new werewolf flick, but the details were hazy. It was originally planned as a sequel to the ill-fated THE WOLFMAN, then it was going to be a new reboot of the original 1941 classic THE WOLF MAN. The script, written by Michael Tabb, has been reworked into an original, stand-alone picture, simply titled WEREWOLF.

Louis Morneau (above) has now been tapped to direct the film, according to Moviehole. Morneau's previous credits include BATS, THE HITCHER II: I'VE BEEN WAITING, JOY RIDE 2: DEAD AHEAD and RETROACTIVE. With a resume like that, one can assume that this one will be going direct to video (as was the original plan for the sequel), but nothing is confirmed.

Casting for the flick will begin soon. Filming is expected to begin in the fall for a 2012 release. We'll keep you updated.

THE WOLFMAN's Emily Blunt

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Source: Moviehole



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